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One of the most common issues PS4 users face with their console is when the PS4 controller won’t charge no matter how they try. It might be the PS4 USB port that’s defective and malfunctioning, but testing that port with different USB devices confirms its health and functionality. So, where’s the real problem is? Why the PS4 controller won’t charge at all, and thus the controller won’t turn on?

PS4 Controller

In fact, there are several reasons why your PS4 controller won’t charge such as: cable issues, dust or grit, etc.

If you are planning to replace your PS4 controller you should probably wait and try fixing it before replacing it. That way you save money from paying for something that can be dispensed with. Sometimes it’s quite easy to fix the issue but people don’t believe in trying and they simply buy a new one.

That’s why troubleshooting is the best first step when you encounter a tech issue — that way you won’t end up buying a brand new controller when all you needed to do was swap out the charging cable or reset the controller.

Reasons Why PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

As stated earlier, there are several reasons that contribute to this situation. We’ll try to gather and lay out the most common ones.

  • There is a sort of damage in the PS4 controller cable which prevents it from charging the controller’s battery.
  • There is a power connection problem in the PS4 itself, whether in the power cord or power supply.
  • The PS4 USB port (or whatever USB port you’re charging your PS4 controller with) is malfunctioning and can’t provide the needed power for charging
  • The PS4 controller’s battery is damaged/defective and cannot hold charge.
  • The PS4 controller’s inner system is corrupted and must be repaired.

There might be other uncommon reasons for that, but usually this condition happens due to at least one of the above.

Below are a few methods to follow in order to fix a non-charging PS4 controller.

Diagnosing PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

First off, before trying any method in order to fix the non-charging PS4 controller, we need to diagnose this issue, in order to make sure everything is in place and working properly.

1. Check the Controller’s Cable

make sure the controller's cable is intact and doesn't suffer from damage
The first step you have to make here is to check whether the PS4 controller cable is intact and not damaged. Maybe this is what causes the whole issue.

Are you using a frayed cable to charge your PS4 controller? Soon the PS4 controller will end up damaged as well. Frayed cables stop electricity from correctly flowing through your charging cable into the PS4 controller, and as a result, could cause power surges which damage the internal components of the PS4 controller. Replacing a faulty cable is much cheaper than replacing a broken controller.

Now you need to verify that the charging cable is inserted correctly into the outlet at the top of the controller and your PS4 USB port. Additionally, try using that cable to charge another controller. This can help you get a handle on where the power failure is coming from, and how to manage it.

2. Verify the Functionality Of the PS4 USB Port You’re Using

connecting a PS4 controller to the PS4 USB port
Maybe your PS4 controller doesn’t have any problem charging, but the problem is actually in the PS4 USB port. It might be malfunctioning due to a loose or electrical short.

To make sure it’s not that specific port that causes the issue, simply use another port and check whether the PS4 controller will charge or not.

3. Check the PS4 Controller’s Charging System

At this point we need to know whether the controller charging system does work or not. Sometimes controllers have difficulty charging directly from a particular PS4 due to some hardware issues in that console. This method helps you narrow down the reasons why the controller is not charging on your PS4..

So, in order to carry out this process, we need to connect the PS4 controller to another device that offers USB connectivity, such as another game console or just a computer.

Now insert the PS4 controller’s USB connector into the USB port of the selected device, say a computer. Make sure that the charging cable USB connector is inserted properly into the USB port of your computer.

It’s recommended that you do this process while the computer is turned off. Once you connect the PS4 charger to the computer, simply turn it on and let’s see whether the PS4 controller starts charging or not.

What’s the result? Does it work now or it’s still not working? To know whether the PS4 controller is charging or not, check out the small charging light on the controller, as illustrated in the image below:

If it is charging properly, it means you have an issue in the PS4, maybe the USB port or the power connection.

4. Check the Power Connection in PS4

Make sure the PS4 power cord is intact and doesn’t suffer from any sort of damage. A bad power cord can cause real problems to the functionality of any system’s hardware parts to the extent that a serious damage might occur.

On the other hand, if your PS4 power supply is malfunctioning or failing, other connected devices like the controller might not receive a stable and enough power, thus won’t charge properly.

Fixing the Not-Charging PS4 Controller

Now it’s time to suggest resolutions for this issue after you have already passed the diagnose processes and your PS4 controller is still not charging on your PS4.

1. Hard-Reset the PS4 Controller

The PS4 controller might not be charging because there’s some firmware error in it. All what you need to do here is to hard-reset the PS4 controller. A hard-reset is a process of reverting the PS4 controller back to the state it was in when shipped from the factory. So, try it as the first resolution for this issue.

2. Reseat/Change the PS4 Controller Battery

Replacing PS4 Controller's battery
If this problem occurred after the controller fell on the ground, it might be the battery that you need to reseat or even change.

3. Get a Separate USB charger for PS4 controller

If your PS4 controller gets charged flawlessly when connected to a computer, yet it is still working fine on your PS4, it’s probably a power issue that you need to fix (most probably the PS4 power supply or the motherboard is having troubles transmitting enough power to the USB card). You might not have the time or money to do that, no problem. If everything else works properly without an issue, you don’t need to take it to a technician urgently, just when you afford it.

In the meantime, you better buy a USB charger for your PS4 controller, or just keep charging it on a computer or even on your phone charger.

4. Charge the PS4 upside down

Charing the controller upside down may sound funny but it has worked for many PS4 users. If your PS4 controller is not charging with no lights turn on, then try charging it upside down. Considering the fact that it has worked for many people over the years, this method is worth a try.

5. Buy a New PS4 Controller

Ok, this is the last resort, but you should not go for it unless you’re totally sure it’s the controller that’s causing the issue not the PS4 itself.



When your PS4 controller won’t charge, don’t hurry to accuse the controller of being unfunctional. You have to run several tests and diagnose the problem carefully in order to figure out what causes this situation. If you have eventually realized that the PS4 controller is out of action or its battery is failing, it’s very simple to just get a new replacement and avoid headache.

Questions & Answers

How do I know if my PS4 controller is actually charging?

When the PS4 controller is charging, the light bar turns to light orange until it finishes. Once done, the light turns off.

What do you do if your PS4 won't charge?

You have to check several things before accusing the controller of being unfunctional. Try to connect it to a computer or another game console. Check the charging cable and make sure it's working properly. There are various solutions suggested within this guide, so please have a look and try everything.

How do I replace the charging USB port on my PS4?

If your PS4 USB port won't charge the controller, there might be a problem with the USB card itself or just that particular port that's not receiving enough power. Only a technician can determine where the problem really is.

How long does the PS4 controller's battery last?

It lasts between 4 to 8 hours, depending on your use of it.

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