PS4 Error Code CE-36329-3 | Totally Fixed By Experts

One of the worst errors that might occur within the PS4 system is that comes with the code number (CE-36329-3). It comes with a text message saying: “An error has occurred in the system software.” then the PS4 turns off after a while. Sometimes a simple reboot for the PS4 will resolve this problem, but other times it won’t. It depends on the reason that caused this error to occur, and it’s not only one reason

PS4 Error CE-36329-3 screen message

You’ll be really lucky if rebooting the PS4 resolves this problem, as not everyone can be as lucky. Some players need to dig deeper into the problem to find a proper solution. So, if you’re one of these unlucky guys, please carefully read this guide in order to find a way out of this situation.

What’s PS4 Error CE-36329-3?

The PS4 error referred to with code number [CE-36329-3] is that kind of error that relates to system failure. It happens when the PS4 system fails to operate due to either data corruption or data conflict. These issues with data can be located either in the PS4 system itself or the game you’re playing/launching.

Causes Of PS4 Error CE-36329-3

There are several causes of Error (CE-36329-3) on the PS4, but it basically stems from one main reason: data corruption.

When the data the PS4 system tries to process is corrupted, such an error occurs.

But what does that PS4 data corruption in the first place?

Well, there are various factors causing PS4 Error (CE-36329-3). The most common ones are:

Power Issues

power issues might result in data corruption in PS4
An unreliable power source, whether the PS4 internal power supply, the PS4 power cord, the building’s electric grid, or the municipal utility providing power to your building, can corrupt data, thus Error (CE-36329-3) occurs.

When your PS4 is writing data to its internal storage device, an interruption or spike in power can cause the system to write garbage instead of the requested data. If the data in question is a text file, the damage may be minor, but if a system file is involved it could compromise the stability of your entire system. Using a battery backup or generator system to provide emergency power during blackouts and brownouts can prevent this type of corruption, as can ensuring that your PS4 console is connected to a surge protector.

App/Game Crashes

App or game crashes can also lead to serious problems with corrupted data. When an app terminates in any way other than its normal shutdown procedure, any files that it is accessing may suffer damage in the process. App/game crashes can occur due to bad code, unpatched vulnerabilities, or running too many apps at once and filling up a PS4’s memory. Switching off a PS4’s power during startup or shutdown procedures can also damage system files, so you should never power down a PS4 game console without going through the normal shutdown procedure if possible.

Hardware Failure

PS4 hardware failure may promote Error code (CE-36329-3)
PS4 data corruption can also be the result of damage to hard drives and other storage media. During normal use, PS4 hard drive platters spin at very high speeds and read/write heads alter the magnetic field, hovering over the surface of the metal. Over time, the PS4 hard drive can degrade, picking up “bad sectors” where written data fails to take hold properly.

Abnormal shutdowns and power issues can cause the heads to strike the platter, damaging any data in the affected areas. If the damaged areas occur in areas occupied by system files or important company data, corruption may be the result.

This also happens to SSDs; when the controller in an SSD stops working or is not communicating with the storage chips correctly, the result is the same as if the power went down and any files being transferred can become corrupted. Even if the corruption is not that serious and the file can still be opened, this doesn’t mean that all of the content is still correct.

On the other hand, when the PS4 overheats, the CPU fails to properly process data, and as a result, a sudden and unexpected corruption might occur. The overheating may also affect the hard drive functionality as well, not only the CPU. That’s why if you don’t want to see PS4 Error (CE-36329-3) or any other issue, you must keep your PS4 clean and cool.

Corrupted CMOS Data

A corruption of PS4 CMOS is a rather common occurrence. Sadly, it mostly points towards the PS4 motherboard failure, but that’s not a rule of thumb. The BIOS might be the problem, or the CMOS battery is failing. The estimated longevity is between 5-10 years, so the latter shouldn’t come as a surprise.

So, as a result of PS4 CMOS corruption, the PS4 data, including system files, might get corrupted and Error (CE-36329-3) generates.

Quick Fix for PS4 Error (CE-36329-3)

Here’s a quick fix for this issue that would work for many (not all) users.

If the error only occurs once while you’re playing on a particular game, or once you’ve launched it, there’s a chance it was a one-off crash that doesn’t indicate any other underlying issues. Restart the game you were playing, and many times you will be able to continue to play without further issues.

If the problem is with the PS4 system files, you need to restart it. The good news here is that the PS4 operating system was coded to maintain itself after each reboot. Thus, it will automatically fix the corrupted system files that might cause this error. Therefore, many users get their system functioning smoothly again once a reboot takes place.

On the other hand, if you’ve rebooted the PS4 and the problem still persists, you have to give it another chance. This time you need to first turn off the PS4, unplug the power cable and leave it unplugged for 3 minutes. Afterward, plug in the cable and turn on the PS4.

If that doesn’t work either, it means you have to manually repair the PS4 system by trying the methods illustrated below.

Methods to Fixing Error CE-36329-3

When you try to fix a data-corruption-related errors, such as Error CE-34335-8, Error CE-34878-0, and Error CE-36329-3 we’re addressing, you’ve to bear in mind that the problem can go beyond a mere data corruption to a hardware failure. For this reason we have to work on both sides, software (logical) and hardware (physical).

Logical Methods

These methods are easy and quick and don’t require a tech-savvy to apply. Just any average PS4 player with basic tech knowledge can do that if they carefully follow the instructions.

Note that we don’t include the “system restart” or “application restart” in our methods. We have explained them sufficiently above in the previous section.

1. Rebuild the PS4 Database

When any error occurs to PS4 and doesn’t disappear after rebooting it, the first thing you have to try is to rebuild the PS4 database.

Rebuilding the PS4 database can resolve lots of problems that happen because of the corruption of data. That’s why experts always recommend rebuilding the PS4 database at least once every 6 months in order to maintain the performance of the PS4.

It’s quite easy to rebuild the PS4 database, and it doesn’t require any special expertise.

To do that, just restart the PS4 in safe mode, and pick option #5, then follow the on-screen instructions.

For additional instructions and details on how to fix PS4 corrupted database, please read this article.

2. Be Up-to-Date

There might be a compatibility conflict going on between the game you want to play and the PS4 system. As a result, Error CE-36329-3 takes place. Therefore, you have to make sure you have updated the PS4 system software to the latest version as well as that particular game.

To learn how to update the PS4 system software, please visit this page.

As for updating the game/app, it’s pretty simple, just follow these steps:

  1. From the game library, hover over the game you want to update.
  2. Press the Options button on your controller. It should open the side menu.
  3. Select “Check for Update.checking for game update on PS4
  4. If there’s an update available, follow the instructions to install the update for that specific game.

3. Reinstall the Game/App

Occasionally some of the core files that a game/app require to run are missing. The only solution for this case is to uninstall that game/app and reinstall it again.

Here’s how to do that..

  1. Turn on your PS4, log in to your PlayStation Network account (if required) and tap up on the d-pad to access the Function menu. Scroll right and select the Settings button.
  2. Go down the list of options and select System Storage Management and select Applications.
  3. Find the game you’d like to delete. Once you’ve found the game you want to delete, hit the Options button on your DualShock 4 controller and select Delete.

4. Initialize the PS4

Error CE-36329-3 might be too stubborn and none of the above methods would work to fix it. At this point, you have to consider initializing the PS4.

Personally, I prefer to full-initialize the PS4 and reinstall the system software from scratch. That will give you a new start and help avoid any potential errors in the future due to the long use of the PS4. For this reason, every PS4 user has to learn how to initialize the PS4 and do it at least once a year.

Before you begin, you should know that an initialization completely wipes the console’s hard drive and can even remove its system software. It’s the last resort when a software glitch stops your PlayStation 4 dead in its tracks, particularly when booting up or when you want to make sure the console no longer has your data on it.

You should back up any data you want to keep, such as images and video, to an external device or to the cloud. In order to back up data using the cloud, you’ll have to have a PlayStation Plus account.

Now, to learn how to initialize PS4 properly, please visit this official PS4 page.

Physical Methods

So, it seems nothing of the above solutions worked with you. Then, you have to go physical and try to fix some PS4 hardware performance issues.

1. Keep the PS4 Clean

PS4 Error (CE-36329-3) can be the result of high temperature inside the PS4 that impacts the functionality of the system hardware. You have to always make sure the PS4 is clean from inside and outside, and there’s no issue with the fan venting hot air.

To learn more on how to clean the inside of the PS4, please check this guide.

2. Checking the health of PS4 hard drive

A bad PS4 hard drive might be the reason for Error CE-36329-3
When the internal HDD of PS4 suffers from bad sectors, the data stored on it will become corrupted. As a result, this causes errors to the PS4 system to the extent that it might stop it from working or, in the best scenario, it will work with errors.

What you’ll need here foremost is to unscrew the PS4 HDD and pull it out of its cage. Then go connect it to a PC, either internally or externally. Once you do that, you have to perform a FULL format (not quick) on it. This will eliminate all bad sectors on the hard drive and restore its original performance. To learn how to do that, step by step, please visit this guide.

3. Clear CMOS memory

Many PS4 errors are caused by corrupted CMOS memory data. It’s always preferred when you troubleshoot your PS4 to clear the CMOS memory as a part of the troubleshooting procedure. To learn how to do that, please visit this article.

4. Power Issues

When the PS4 receives unstable power or insufficient power, the system data might get corrupted and generate errors. This can happen due to various reasons including a defective PS4 power supply, a damaged PS4 power cord, or even a degrading motherboard.

If that errors happen occasionally and not always, you might need to consider upgrading the PS4 hard drive to an SSD. Why so? Because SSDs use much less power than HDDs, and they are more resistant to power instability. In fact, many PS4 errors can be resolved by just upgrading to an SSD.


Usually when the PS4 works fine for a while, then suddenly halts and shows up errors, the problem isn’t hard to fix. Error CE-36329-3 is one of these errors that don’t require a hardware replacement in most scenarios. So, don’t panic once you get that error.

If none of the above methods worked for you, or if you need further assistance, please leave us a comment below and an expert will be in touch with you soon.

Questions & Answers

What is PS4 Error CE-36329-3?

It's an error the occurs within the PS4 system and prevents it from operating properly. In many cases the PS4 system will freeze up and stops working.

How to fix PS4 Error CE-36329-3?

You have first to try to fix the PS4 system software by carrying out varied operations illustrated in this guide. If that doesn't work, you have to diagnose for hardware issues. Everything is well explained in this guide.

Why Does Error CE-36329-3 Happen?

This error happens when the PS4 system encounters issues reading/processing some of its files. As a result, the system won't function properly and generate an error message with a specific code number.

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67 Responses

  1. Henry says:

    Ok so I just digitally downloaded Wolfenstein the new order and now when I turn on my ps4 from stand-by mode I am faced with the error and I have no method to backup and restore everything

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Please make sure you have the latest version of the System Software installed by selecting Settings > System Software Update. The system will then restart.

  2. Carlo says:

    The CE-36329-3 problem warning appears each time I use my PS4, whether it has just emerged from standby or not. It sends me the notice after checking the storage. I know something probably needs fixing because my PS4 has been acting up lately, but I’m not sure what. Every minute or so, it stalls for around 20 seconds, and the corrupted copy of the newest Avengers game I downloaded is the problem. The corrupted database was rebuilt. Then I erased it, rebuilt the database once more, and reinstalled it. Suddenly everything is working as it should, but error warnings are now appearing. I looked to see whether a system upgrade was required, and it wasn’t. Does my hard drive have a problem? If a database corruption occurred,

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      The system software has made a mistake. By choosing Settings > System Software Update, please confirm that you have the most recent version of the system software installed. Then, the system will restart.

  3. Ronald says:

    CE-36329-3, a bug?
    Okay, so I recently downloaded Wolfenstien: The New Order digitally. However, when I turn on my PS4 from standby mode, I see the problem, and I have no way to save everything up and restore it. I would not want to download it all again, nearly (345gb in games). Any suggestions?

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      The system software has made a mistake. By choosing Settings > System Software Update, please confirm that you have the most recent version of the system software installed. Then, the system will resume.

  4. Jordan Carruthers says:

    I tried restarting my PS4 Pro, but I don’t know what to do with it. Can you help me, please?

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Just power cycle it. Turn it off completely, unplug it from the wall outlet, and wait a few minutes before turning it on again. If nothing works, try to implement every suggested solution in this article until one of them works for you.

  5. Jordan Carruthers says:

    I tried restarting or reinstalling my PS4 Pro but I don’t know what to do with it. Can you help me, please?

  6. Kim says:

    I try all these step but still no pls hlep me I been report the problem in PS4 but did not do any thing

  7. Robert says:

    Yesterday when I went to turn on my ps4 from rest mode it came up and said something about I needed to reinstall the system software with a usb drive, so I followed the instructions that issue from this page through safe mode and had to end up using option 6 on safe mode which is ps4 initialization. After I did that it seemed like it was gonna work until after it popped up and said my external hard drive wasnt disconnected properly and needed to be repaired. It then went through the repair process and seemed to be ok until I tried to start adjusting all the settings and theme back to how I had it and that’s when it started freezing and eventually shut off and when it restarted I get the error code stated in this page. So far I have done the full hard drive initlization that takes several hours from the system menu and after that I’m having the same issue. Should I remove my external hard drive and try to download a game and see if it works or not to possibly point the problem as being in my external drive? And if I do that what would be my next steps if I still have the issue with the external hard drive removed? And then if I come to the conclusion that the external hard drive is the issue what do I then? As you can probably tell I’m flustered by this issue and any help would be greatly appreciated. My ps4 is maybe 2 years old at most and is 1TB my external drive is WD Black 5TB and is only a few months old. I got it because I was running out of space on the internal drive so I switched everything over to the external. My internal drive only has system files or anything that isnt moved onto an external drive.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      The first step you should make here is to disconnect the external hard drive from the PS4 and just work on your internal HDD. Try installing several games on your internal HDD and play with them and see whether your PS4 works fine or not.

      I suspect that the internal hard drive is the source of the issue, but I can’t be very sure until several tests are done.

      If the issue totally disappears, it means it’s your external HDD. Otherwise, your internal HDD needs maintenance.

      You’re very welcome for any further assistance. Come back with your updates so we can help you more in this issue.

      • Robert says:

        I disconnected the external hard drive and initialized the internal hard drive drive again and it wont even work right long enough for me to enter my psn info let alone put any games on it. After a few mins it goes to black screen then pops up with the same error and the keeps repeating every few mins. I’ve also had code CE-34054-6 the data base is corrupted come up once as well but that one hadn’t came back. It keeps going back to original error CE-36329-3.

        • PS4 Storage says:

          Apparently you have a serious issue with your PS4 internal hard drive. The first step you have to make is to full format it on a PC in attempt to repair its errors and restore its original performance. Otherwise, you may want to buy a new hard drive replacement for your PS4, but we don’t recommend that now until you try your luck in repairing the current drive.

          • Robert says:

            I went ahead and replaced the hard drive with a new one after most places wanted almost as much to reformat the old one as I could buy a new one for. Anyway that was the issue and everything works perfectly now. I also got lucky and no damage was done to my external hard drive during all this so I didn’t lose any of my games or anything. Thank you for all your help! It’s really appreciated. I probably would have wasted a bunch of money and bought a new ps4 if I hadn’t found this page.

          • PS4 Storage says:

            You’re very welcome Robert. We’re here always to help.

  8. Efrym says:

    i need help with error code Ce-36329-3 on my ps4!

  9. Nuri says:

    Can you guys pls help so my ps4 works fine for 30 mins then it starts freezing then it overheats and turns off by itself so do I initialize it or buy a new hard drive pls help 😔

  10. Luke says:

    What can I do when my PS4 screen always shows that error. I did everything I could to get out but every 2 seconds it brought me back to the error screen

  11. Drew Garrett says:

    Same issue as stated. My son went to play fortnight and the loading screen came up then the Console shut down. Other games would work but not fortnight. Did the data rebuild and uninstall game then reinstall game same outcome. Did a software update in safe mode and another data rebuild still same issue. Did the reinstall to reset everything and same issues as before. Got game to load once and while playing error came up about corrupted software and it shut down. Uninstall game again did a data rebuild and reloaded game. Last time it was loading game and froze up wouldn’t do anything. Shut down consol and rebooted. Now I can get anything to come on. TV says no signal. there may be a problem due to the fact that I bought my set-top box for usa cvv fullz ? Any ideas what to try now? Thanks in advance.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      That’s a serious situation that the graphics card or the power supply might be involved in. Your last resort before taking your console to a repair shop is to try to clear the PS4 CMOS.

  12. Ethan mccrum says:

    So I’ve been having bad trouble with my PlayStation 4 for the past couple months. Every time I load up it works for like 5 minutes if I’m lucky then goes to a black screen and turn off. When I turn it back on it says an error has occurred in the system software and it repeats every time. I’ve rebuilt database, initialized, and reset it. One thing I noticed is that when I try to update or reinitialize it never works. It says cannot access system storage. Is there anything I can do at home before I get help from a specialist?

  13. Jeff Giglio says:

    Era code CE-36329-3 has rendered my PS4 useless. I have tried turning it off, waiting then turning it back on. Same code comes up right away. Tried starting in safe mode, era code came up right away. I only have a few games on my PS4, the one a play the most is Call of Duty. I think I can fix it if only the Ps4 would restart in “safe mode”. But every time I try, that era code comes up. I do not fill comfortable taking out the hard drive to reboot it or to download any thing off of it. My only resort is taking it to a computer repair shop. Can you give me any advice on this or the repair shop the best I can do for now.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      It seems your PS4 hard drive suffers from bad sectors. You need to full format it in order to fix these sectors on the hard drive then initialize the PS4 and install the PS4 system software from scratch. This is a better solution than replacing the PS4 hard drive, despite it being a temporary solution.

  14. Omar Khir says:

    Hi There, Just got COD Cold War. Multiplayer works fine and zombies but I cannot install campaign. Keeps coming up with code 3 and says content unavailable. Don’t understand why. My store is in Malaysian but I bought game in NZ.. is that potential issue. Please help. Rlly want to play it so bad

    • PS4 Storage says:


      What solutions laid out in this guide have you tried? We must know that foremost before looking further into your problem.

  15. Johnny H says:

    Im having sane issuesxas everyone else here. Tried everything, went through multiple play station systems. This did not really get bad until i bought black ops cold war and digutally downloaded it off psn. After that my system slowed exponentially, game constantly has corrupt data no matter how many times i delete and re install. Ive rebuikt database initialized ps4, only thing i havnt done is connect hardrive to pc bc i dont own a pc and id rather not open up my ps4. Is there a way to send it into sony for diagnostics and correction? But personally i do feel its because my account is old and it has a virus in it somewhere. I only use this account on any ps ive owned and i have this continued problem, it just got worse after that game download and the uodate for ps5. At this point i feel theres nithing i can do and someone else needs to take a look

    • PS4 Storage says:

      What you have described is a symptom of a hard drive failure. You can take it to any computer repair shop and tell them to full-format it. It won’t take long and it’s not that expensive. If the shop keeper isn’t greedy, he will only charge you $5 for that as it’s a quick and easy operation.

  16. Jacob MacGil says:

    I get this error code when I load a game that I have installed on an extended storage it happens every time.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Your external hard drive seems having bad sectors. Connect it to a computer and perform FULL format on it. This is supposed to remove bad sectors and restore the original performance of your external drive.

  17. Bob Schwab says:

    Hi my PS4 freezes mid game play and just stays frozen. It all started when I didnt update my system when warzone came out with its big update to open the stadium. I have rebuilt data base.,deleted warzone and Nb2k20, which was free one of those months in quarentine, and am up to date on software. I usually can play a game for 20 min than it freezes. Mostly NHL 19….I kinda want to just give up and get another p24 in a year after I save up.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      You either have an issue with the power feed or with the hard drive, but mostly it’s the power feed, because you said you could play a game for 20 minutes until the PS4 freezes. In many situation, this is related to power issues.

  18. Kiko S. says:

    My ps4 is extremely slow when i can power it up.. Ultimately after maybe 10 minutes of just scrolling the menu, the system freezes. My problem now is it wont start at all.. It says “cannot start ps4”. Tried all of that safe mode, rebuild database, initialized it more than 2wice.. I even tried to software update it using the internet and a USB… Nothing works.

  19. Jizo says:

    Can someone please help me I put my PS4 in rest mode because I want to download my games and update them. But the orange light powers off and when I turn it on it gives me this error code also saying they my PS4 was turned off incorrectly

  20. Thomas says:

    I had a problem with a game called
    Modern warfare kept saying it was corrupted I reinstalled it a couple times when it told me data base is corrupted. I initialized my PS4 rebuild data base and reinstall system software using a usb but nothing seems to work. I keep getting this error every time I turn on my PS4. Occasionally it would freeze on the report error and I have to disconnect the power. I even bought a new hard drive thinking it would fix the problem but it still persisted now I don’t know what to do my PS4 is like 1 year old

    • PS4 Storage says:

      If it is a disc-Based game, the disc itself might be scratched or defective. If it’s a downloaded game, the downloaded file might be corrupted and you have to download it again.

  21. Johnny says:

    I tried everything so I got fed up and bought a brand new PS4 hoping it would fix the issue but little did I know, I got the errror code again and again and again! I’m extremely frustrated and think the error code is related to my original PSN account. I made sure all my saves were backed up on my cloud and not downloaded on my PS4 system storage incase they were corrupted and still got the error code. Then I thought one of my apps/games installed on my hard drive is corrupt. I checked if any of my apps/games needed updates and they’re all up to date so what on earth can it be? I find it extremely strange. I get the same error code on my other PSN accounts too and my PS4 is brand new with a brand new hard drive! I’m thinking that my original PSN account has corrupt data in almost everything! The account is a cancer! When I install games on the hard drive, I get the error code so some of my apps could be corrupt but I can’t pinpoint which one unfortunetely. I wish Sony can just wipe out all my content clean and I start over. I just care about my trophies anyway and can re-purchase content if I want. I probably get the error code on my other PSN accounts too because whatever I install on my hard drive from my original PSN account gives me the error code on any account I use because I’m using the same hard drive. The issue isn’t my hard drive surprisingly, it’s actually content that I own on my original PSN account which leads to the error code after installing the stuff. I’m not giving up on my account yet mostly because of my trophies. I will give my account a shot on the PS5 which is completely new architecture so I might not have any issues and it’ll be a fresh start. I’ve had sone pretty bad luck with the PS4 with account glitches. What do you think of everything I said? Do you have any idea what I can do put an end to this mess or just retire the PS4 and move on to the PS5 as I did with the PS3 to the PS4?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi Johnny and thanks for explaining your case in detail.

      Apparently your case is complicated and not easy. You have to do one more test to make sure it’s your main PSN account, as some game/app are not fully compatible with the newer versions of PS4 system software, and that would cause conflicts with the system and generate that error.

      Anyway, try to full initialize the PS4 and re-install the PS4 system software, then login with your other PSN account only and see whether you still get this error or not. This will absolutely ensure the cause of the error, whether it’s your main PSN account or not.

    • Clare Williams says:

      I have had exactly the same. Have tried my acc on different stations including a pro. It destroyed cpu in weeks upon playing it. Ce 36329-3 is the code which normally indicates it for me. After that it’s just crash and slow system. Kind was a 15 year old account with £100 worth of game’s. Very sad that this can happen and playstation literary said this can’t happen. I have 3 broken arrives to prove it. 3 separate stations i have tried my acc on and every time. I think it is a firmware virus but unsure. I also have only heard of this on old accounts. Totally sad.

  22. Jessica Costello says:

    Hey so I just got this error but all I did was turn back on my ps4 and it was fine did it resolve it? Or should I be expecting it to come back later? Thanks

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Sometimes it’s just a naughty system file that got fixed when you restarted the console. So it might be just a one-time error, if you’re lucky enough.

  23. Bill Winzly says:

    My ps4 keeps having struggles loading games and the system itself. I turn on my ps4 and it said that i got the error and i proceeded to restart it to no help. I ended up getting a safe mode loop and had to factory reset my ps4 for the 10th time. What should I try next?

  24. Juan A Ayala says:

    I had that same issue, what I did was I went to safe mode, initialize PS4 and download system software wit USB storage and it works perfectly fine now

  25. Sirchriston Turner says:

    My system keeps turning off before my fortnite downloads completely, like it will stay in rest mode or completely on all the way until the download is finished. I thought it was the system but i only get the notification with fortnite. I tried downloading youtube and it worked and it runs smoothly, but fortnite is not. I have to wait for the update but it never gets to fully update,suggestions?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Most probably the “Auto Shutdown after X hours” feature is enabled on your PS4. Please disable it and try again.

      • Andrew says:

        I have done all the above and my ps4 just restarts or shuts down. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve rebuilt the database and done the latest updates and reset factory settings. Still no luck

  26. Corey says:

    None of this worked for me

  27. Stashia Jones says:

    I am lost i don’t know what to do i been having this PS4 for a while but this my first time seeing the error about CE-36329-3 i really need help and i have been trying to chat with play station support it’s not letting me ..

  28. William Tredwin says:

    I have tried every single possible solution for this problem but the error persists. I factory reset it and it didn’t work, I reinstalled the system software and it didn’t work so I figured that the HDD is damaged so I bought a new HDD and installed the system software on that and that didn’t work either. Do you know what else could be the cause of the errors?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      That’s quite strange and it rarely happens. Most probably it is the RAM, or, very rarely the CPU. You have to take your console to an experienced technician.

  29. Andrew watkins says:

    Hi we have tried all the above suggestions but the code remains

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